What is Good About Not Having a Niche

When you read articles or blog posts about blogging throughout the internet, the most popular advice that you will read is that a blogger should select his or her niche and write topics under that niche. The reason they say is that search engines will rank your page higher if your posts are all about a targeted niche.

But what if you’re writing your blog as a hobby, journal/log, or like me as a vehicle to hone my writing/blogging skills. The most obvious choice then is not to have a niche, just blog whatever you want. What’s the good thing then? The good thing is that you’ll be practicing you’re creativity more, you’re not limited to thinking inside a box, whether it’s the personal finance box, health/fitness box, or technology box. It’s just writing for the sake of writing. Writing which I find fun, what about you?

FOYS – Focus on YourSelf Principle

I’m a fan of reading self-development books and I’ve learned a lot of concepts and techniques that I found useful in my daily life. Then one day I have this idea, not exactly an original idea, others may have thought of it before. I realized that most people have problems because they focus their attention at other people’s lives instead of being really aware of what is happening at their own lives. By focusing on our own lives we’ll realize what is really important and possibly take action to make our lives better. Thus, the FOYS (Focus on YourSelf) principle was born.

One of the great hindrance in adopting this principle is to think that being focused on yourself is selfish and being selfish is bad. Instead they tell you to think of others first. While I agree that we should indeed help others, by helping ourselves first we can give to others more because we don’t feel any sort of resentment when helping others while abandoning our own welfare. Remember, people are motivated by self-interest, which is natural (excluding any moral judgment), even when helping others we are benefiting ourselves. How? Because we want to satisfy some need, for example to be perceived by others as helpful or to align ourselves with an image we have inside of us that we are a good person. Focusing on other people’s lives can even be the source of some of our world’s problems. For example many people hate celebrities only because other people hate these celebrities too. They don’t realize by hating these celebrities they are taking away at their lives because they are focusing their mental energies, conversations, and action on something that will not give them a positive return on their own lives.

But what will I focus on you may I ask? There are actually three important areas in our lives that require attention, they are our (A) Health/Fitness, (B) Finance/Career/Business, and (C) Relationships (family, friends, etc.) I think most peoples problems come from those three areas, so it will be wise to focus on those.

The Power of “This will come to pass.”

Sometimes when I’m in a difficult situation or is experiencing discomfort, I’ll tell myself, “This will come to pass.” to remind myself that whatever I’m experiencing is not permanent, and tomorrow, or in the future this will just be a memory. But of course if you have a problem you must go out and find the right solution for it. So the next time you’re experiencing a difficulty, tell yourself, “This will come to pass.”

It’s Easy to Criticize, Hard to Create

Have you ever been criticized by someone even though you’re just doing something you’re passionate about? (Like singing, reading, and blogging). I’ve been earlier and I bet we all have been sometime in our lives. In my opinion there are two kinds of criticism, and I’ve categorized them based on intention of the critic.

The first one is valid criticism, someone points out our flaws or mistakes then if we just open-up our minds we can see that what they are saying is indeed true. Valid criticism is basically feedback from other people. If we’ll take note of them they can be beneficial to us in the long term, even though we might be a little hurt by what the critics say in the moment.

The second type of criticism which I don’t like (and I’m sure you don’t too) is criticism for the sake of the criticism. It happens when we think the criticism is baseless (illogical) and insignificant (so what if I’m reading about blogs instead of blogging at the moment, doesn’t reading about blogging make me a better blogger). One of the reasons some people criticize for the sake of criticizing is they get psychological satisfaction on putting other people down, so they may feel superior to the person they are criticizing even for a moment.

I haven’t mention creation yet which is on the title of my post. We all hear stories on how successful people like scientists, politicians, and entertainers experienced criticism throughout their lives, but want to guess who do we remember? Do we ever remember who is that famous critic of Albert Einstein or Michael Jordan? No we don’t. That is because people who create, those who give value to the world are the ones who make our lives better and who doesn’t want to live a better life?

The next time we try to criticize someone just to gain psychological satisfaction, let us ask ourselves a question. Can we can do what he/she does?

Benefits of Blogging

You may ask why I would write a blog post about the benefits of blogging when I’m just a beginner (or should I say white belt) when it comes to blogging. The following are things I have learned reading other blogs about blogging:

  1. When you blog, you’ll become a better writer.
    For other bloggers this is not a goal, they just want to share their ideas to the world. In the process though I think they become a better writer whether they are aware of it or not.
  2. A blog can serve as a journal.
    In our lifetime as new events unfold, we meet new people, have new hobbies among others, we will sometimes push aside the old ones to make way for the new ones. Which is ok, they say the only constant thing in life is change. Using a journal, we can remind ourselves on who we used to be.
  3. We can meet new people through our blogs.
    Well not necessarily true (yet) for blogs who don’t have a decent amount of followers. It can be a motivating factor for people to keep on blogging. As Tony Robbins said “People are your greatest resource.” Even though I’m an introvert (a future post about that), I believe that is true.
  4. If we have a blog most people will look-up into us.
    In these days, everybody has a Facebook account, everybody has a Twitter account. It may be that in one time or another most people tried creating their blog but they didn’t follow-through. If we have a blog that is up and running, people will think that we are someone that is above the rest since most people don’t have blogs that they regularly update.
  5. We can make money via blogging.
    We have read success stories of people who made a living (and sometimes quite a fortune) by writing blogs. There are some personality traits that these successful people share, that is they work hard and they are persistent. We can make money in blogging through ads, affiliate marketing, selling products/services, among others. This might not be a common goal among all bloggers, but it’s always there. If we believe we can, the we can.

Well that’s it. I hope you like my post about the benefits of blogging. In the future I may be looking back at this post asking myself have I become a better writer? Have I met new people through my blogs? And have I made money through blogging? Let’s find out 🙂

Welcome to my Dojo (bows)

You may ask why I refer to my blog as a dojo? In martial arts (especially japanese ones), the dojo is the place where martial artists hone their skills. Regardless of their ranks and skill level, when a person practices regularly he develops his skills and being a better blogger is what I want to be. Currently I’m still a white belt (despite of using the internet for more than a decade already). They say the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Here we go… Get’s out of the spaceship and lands my left foot…