Benefits of Blogging

You may ask why I would write a blog post about the benefits of blogging when I’m just a beginner (or should I say white belt) when it comes to blogging. The following are things I have learned reading other blogs about blogging:

  1. When you blog, you’ll become a better writer.
    For other bloggers this is not a goal, they just want to share their ideas to the world. In the process though I think they become a better writer whether they are aware of it or not.
  2. A blog can serve as a journal.
    In our lifetime as new events unfold, we meet new people, have new hobbies among others, we will sometimes push aside the old ones to make way for the new ones. Which is ok, they say the only constant thing in life is change. Using a journal, we can remind ourselves on who we used to be.
  3. We can meet new people through our blogs.
    Well not necessarily true (yet) for blogs who don’t have a decent amount of followers. It can be a motivating factor for people to keep on blogging. As Tony Robbins said “People are your greatest resource.” Even though I’m an introvert (a future post about that), I believe that is true.
  4. If we have a blog most people will look-up into us.
    In these days, everybody has a Facebook account, everybody has a Twitter account. It may be that in one time or another most people tried creating their blog but they didn’t follow-through. If we have a blog that is up and running, people will think that we are someone that is above the rest since most people don’t have blogs that they regularly update.
  5. We can make money via blogging.
    We have read success stories of people who made a living (and sometimes quite a fortune) by writing blogs. There are some personality traits that these successful people share, that is they work hard and they are persistent. We can make money in blogging through ads, affiliate marketing, selling products/services, among others. This might not be a common goal among all bloggers, but it’s always there. If we believe we can, the we can.

Well that’s it. I hope you like my post about the benefits of blogging. In the future I may be looking back at this post asking myself have I become a better writer? Have I met new people through my blogs? And have I made money through blogging? Let’s find out 🙂


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