It’s Easy to Criticize, Hard to Create

Have you ever been criticized by someone even though you’re just doing something you’re passionate about? (Like singing, reading, and blogging). I’ve been earlier and I bet we all have been sometime in our lives. In my opinion there are two kinds of criticism, and I’ve categorized them based on intention of the critic.

The first one is valid criticism, someone points out our flaws or mistakes then if we just open-up our minds we can see that what they are saying is indeed true. Valid criticism is basically feedback from other people. If we’ll take note of them they can be beneficial to us in the long term, even though we might be a little hurt by what the critics say in the moment.

The second type of criticism which I don’t like (and I’m sure you don’t too) is criticism for the sake of the criticism. It happens when we think the criticism is baseless (illogical) and insignificant (so what if I’m reading about blogs instead of blogging at the moment, doesn’t reading about blogging make me a better blogger). One of the reasons some people criticize for the sake of criticizing is they get psychological satisfaction on putting other people down, so they may feel superior to the person they are criticizing even for a moment.

I haven’t mention creation yet which is on the title of my post. We all hear stories on how successful people like scientists, politicians, and entertainers experienced criticism throughout their lives, but want to guess who do we remember? Do we ever remember who is that famous critic of Albert Einstein or Michael Jordan? No we don’t. That is because people who create, those who give value to the world are the ones who make our lives better and who doesn’t want to live a better life?

The next time we try to criticize someone just to gain psychological satisfaction, let us ask ourselves a question. Can we can do what he/she does?


One thought on “It’s Easy to Criticize, Hard to Create

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