FOYS – Focus on YourSelf Principle

I’m a fan of reading self-development books and I’ve learned a lot of concepts and techniques that I found useful in my daily life. Then one day I have this idea, not exactly an original idea, others may have thought of it before. I realized that most people have problems because they focus their attention at other people’s lives instead of being really aware of what is happening at their own lives. By focusing on our own lives we’ll realize what is really important and possibly take action to make our lives better. Thus, the FOYS (Focus on YourSelf) principle was born.

One of the great hindrance in adopting this principle is to think that being focused on yourself is selfish and being selfish is bad. Instead they tell you to think of others first. While I agree that we should indeed help others, by helping ourselves first we can give to others more because we don’t feel any sort of resentment when helping others while abandoning our own welfare. Remember, people are motivated by self-interest, which is natural (excluding any moral judgment), even when helping others we are benefiting ourselves. How? Because we want to satisfy some need, for example to be perceived by others as helpful or to align ourselves with an image we have inside of us that we are a good person. Focusing on other people’s lives can even be the source of some of our world’s problems. For example many people hate celebrities only because other people hate these celebrities too. They don’t realize by hating these celebrities they are taking away at their lives because they are focusing their mental energies, conversations, and action on something that will not give them a positive return on their own lives.

But what will I focus on you may I ask? There are actually three important areas in our lives that require attention, they are our (A) Health/Fitness, (B) Finance/Career/Business, and (C) Relationships (family, friends, etc.) I think most peoples problems come from those three areas, so it will be wise to focus on those.


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