Dealing With Frustration

It’s odd how I came to write this post. Here’s the story. It’s Saturday (a non working day for me) and I decided to write a blog post in the afternoon, I usually write my posts during the night. I have an idea about something and decided to write about it. I wrote and kept on writing, only to be surprised that the word count of my article already exceeded 1500 words. “Wow!” I said to myself, “I have just begun blogging and I’m already writing a post of more than 1500 words, I’m really making some progress!” Since my post is long I’m using notepad as a backup tool, well sort-of, I just copy the text I’m editing here in the WordPress editor into Notepad, then saving it periodically. Just in case there was a power outage or I accidentally closed my browser. Then the unexpected happened. I unintentionally activated the back button of my browser, then when I used its forward command again the text was lost! Argh!  I felt frustrated, since there was already some proofreading done before I last copied and saved in notepad. But when I looked at my notepad copy I was shocked to find out that the most important piece of my post, which is the last one didn’t get copied at all! (It maybe have something to do with the character count in copy and paste, I’m not sure)

And here I am writing an article about frustration only because I’m frustrated myself. I don’t intend this article though to be a rant (another name for whining) because what will you the reader benefit from reading someone whining about his problems? Nothing. Well unless you have experienced the same problem in the past and is delighted to find out that you’re not the only one who have the same problem, it kinda makes you feel better. If you’re one of those people, then I’m happy to have made you felt better 🙂

Anyways, I have just said that I don’t want to make this post a rant (whine). So what can I do then to turn my frustrating experience into a positive one? Relax… Think…. Relax… Think…. Ding! A light-bulb lights in my head! Here it goes… I like reading books and just last year I have read “The 50th Law” written by Robert Greene and the rapper 50 Cent. It’s a book about facing our fears instead of running away from them. It has 10 chapters which has names like, Chapter 1: See Things for what they are – Instense Realism and Chapter 8: Respect the Process – Mastery. The chapter than can relate to my situation now is Chapter 3: Turn Shit into Sugar – Opportunism, which tells us that things that happen to us are not good or bad, we are just the ones that makes judgments about it. Shakespeare even has a quote, “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.”  To think of it, if not for that experience I would have not been writing about this insightful blog post and looking at the bright side, since I have saved most of what I written before, I can just continue writing it later on. That’s it! Oh, wait a minute, haven’t I learned a lesson from it? Yes I did. Since the browser is kinda unreliable when editing a blog post, I decided to write my blog post in the future in a dedicated editor, kinda like Word which has an auto-save feature. My next task then is to find a good editor that I’ll use (starting tomorrow). There… I turned Shit Into Sugar! 🙂


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