Endure Discomfort Today to Feel Comfort Tomorrow

One of the strangest things in life, is that we have to make some sacrifices in the present moment, in able to have a better situation in the future. For example, to reach our ideal weight, we may have to refrain from eating those delicious high calories foods like pizza and fries. Another example is that in able to have a more financially secure in the future, we must cut back on buying things that we don’t really needed, like redundant gadgets and expensive cars.

We need to reflect on our lives, even if it is only done yearly. Are we doing better? There are various areas of life though, so there is no definite answer. For example we may be better off financially, but since we sometimes overwork and somewhat ignore sleep, we feel we are somewhat less healthy than before. That’s when we need to change things up again (for the better).

After reflecting, we need to make a plan, but it doesn’t need to be a grand plan where we cover all possible scenarios. The important thing is just to get started. For instance, if we want to lose weight, we could do one or two things, that is, eat less (or more healthy) foods, and to do some exercise (if we ain’t doing it already). If doing both at the same time seems like a huge task to you, then you must realize it’s ok to do even one of those. In the case that we followed an exercise plan (while still eating normally), then we can just cut back on food later on. Remember: Doing something is better than doing nothing. Some people like to make huge plans, they even get started, but after awhile, their initial enthusiasm is gone, and they go back to their old ways. Remember the story of the tortoise and hare? Being persistent leads to success.


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