My Thoughts on The Internet

I have been browsing the internet for over a decade now. I’m not sure if it’s just me — have you ever experienced a time when you were browsing, and you stumbled upon a website, blog, or youtube video, etc., that totally changed the way you viewed the world? Some people even met the love of their loves via the internet.

That’s why I’m (still) fascinated about this (relatively) new technology. In the past, out worldview is limited by the experiences we have in the place we live or had visited; the television programs we watched, radio stations we listened to; books, magazines, and newspapers we have read. But today, information we want is just a few clicks away.

What if the great geniuses of the past — like Albert Einstein, Blaise Pascal, and Leonardo da Vinci — had access to the internet? Would they have discovered more great inventions? Founded more discoveries?

But as they say, the internet has also its downsides. There are lots of free games, interesting videos, and crazy news in it — that you can spend your own lifetime consuming those things. They aren’t exactly bad. I play games too, watches youtube videos, and reads weird articles in my spare time. Perhaps, what is needed is balance (and for some self-control).

Back then to my previous question: What if the geniuses of the past had access to the internet? What if, instead of making more great inventions and finding more great knowledge, they’ve been distracted by the various forms of entertainment the internet has to offer. Who can tell? And, what if it’s already happening now.


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