My (Current) Blogging Process

Do you follow a process when creating your own blog post? My blogging process just happened naturally. I outline it in the following:

  1. Logging-in into my blogging platform.
    This doesn’t have to be the first step. In fact, in this post, this was done as the second to the last step, I’ll just do whatever is convenient for me in the moment.
  2. Think of an idea for a blog post.
    Before I started blogging, I sometimes write any useful idea that comes into my mind to my cellphone. At this moment though, I haven’t used much of those ideas yet.
  3. Start writing the blog post.
    I just write whatever comes into mind. Some say we should write first and edit later, but I found myself doing micro-edits as I write my post.
  4. Check for spelling errors.
    These can easily be identified by the red underline on most blogging platforms web editor. Correcting spelling mistakes can easily be done by right clicking the offending word and selecting the correct spelling (assuming you’ve misspelled word is close enough to real one).
  5. Check for sentences that doesn’t sound right.
    I know what nouns, verbs, and adjectives are, but I’m not a grammar expert. Although I’m not a native English speaker, I have this skill that I can most often tell if a sentence doesn’t sound right. So I edit them, until they sound right. Still I acknowledge the fact that my writing needs a lot of improvement.
  6. Use an online grammar checker to check grammar.
    I’m still currently (re)learning about grammar, so I can’t be sure if my sentences are grammatically correct. Just recently, I began using online grammar checkers (thanks Google). I use spellcheckplus. The first time I found about it and used it to check the grammar on my initial blog posts, I was surprised to found out that my posts has many grammar mistakes. Just copy your paragraph into it’s editing area, then click ‘Check Text’ — then prepared yourself to be humbled (unless you’re a grammar expert).
  7. Choose a title for my post.
    Sometimes, when I think of an idea for a post — I use it as the title of my blog post. But recently, starting in this post, I started to deviate from the initial post topic. This posts original title was ‘Checking My Posts For Bad Grammar,’ would you believe it. Changes title to….
  8. Click the Publish Button
    I recently stumbled upon a quote from Steve Jobs, “Real artists ship.” Clicking that publish button ships our product, which is our blog post. Since my purpose in starting this blog is to hone my blogging/writing skills, I’m not too concerned about whether my post could have been written better or longer. I just ship by clicking the publish button.

What I outlined above, is the process I currently follow when blogging. It is not written in stone though, I can sometimes re-order the steps. The core of the process though is:

 Generate Idea –> Write Post –> Publish Post

the rest are the details. This post also serves as a personal journal, who knows, maybe in the future I’ll discover a better and faster way of blogging. What about you? Have you ever thought of the process you use to blog?


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