Do Whatever It Takes (Legally)

One of my favorite authors is John Assaraf, he wrote the wonderful book ‘Having It All: Achieving Your Life’s Goals and Dreams ‘.

The core message of the book is that we can have it all (if the title wasn’t a hint already) — happiness, health, financial security, successful career, wonderful relationships, and so on — this is contrary to the world view preached by some people (or is it the movies, media, etc.) that we simply cannot have it all, which I highly disagree (not only because I have read the book).

The reason is that if something is important to us we’ll do whatever it takes (legally) to get it, achieve it, or be it. Murray Smith (John’s business partner)  said in an interview that:

… the difference is that if you are interested, you will do what’s convenient, and if you are committed, you will do whatever it takes.

Can you remember a time when you started a hobby, but after two months totally forgotten about it? I can remember times in my past —  I can recall myself giving out excuses like, “I’m too busy…” or “It’s too hard…”

That was in the past though. Looking back now (and with an open mind), I can honestly say that the reason I didn’t follow through those hobbies is that they are not important to me anymore.

If something is important to us we’ll do whatever is necessary (again legally) to get it done (like a project) or to continuously do it regardless of the circumstances (e.g., exercise, reading, writing).

What about you? Can you identify three important things in your life that needs to be done?


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