Three Things I Learned From Two Weeks of Blogging

I just realized that I have already been blogging for two weeks. Before I tried this craft — I remember having a lot of misconceptions, even though I was already reading about blogging long before I have written my initial post.

So here are three things I have learned through my blogging in the last two weeks:

  1. Blogging takes Discipline.
    During the first few days, I was enthusiastic about writing posts.  There are some days though that I was thinking of not posting, only because I have not prepared an idea for a blog post. But there is just something magical when you start sitting in front of your computer, removing all distractions, focused on the task at hand (which is writing a blog) — Ideas just come.In fact, I just thought of this post awhile ago. The point is: Blogging takes discipline, sometimes writing posts is easy — sometimes you just have to sit there to get started. They say, half of success is just showing up, I agree.
  2. I wrote using bad grammar.
    Yeah, I admit it. Just look at some of my initial posts — If you’re somewhat versed in English grammar, you’ll notice my mistakes. But right now, part of my current blogging process is to use an online spell checker, which I found very helpful (and educational too). I don’t want to be too dependent on it though, I still check my initial drafts for sentences that sound unnatural and I’m (re)learning English grammar at the same time.
  3. Blogging is a form of writing.
    Well, at least for me. In my current blogging platform (WordPress), when you click ‘New Post’, there are various options for a post — Text, Photo, Video, Quote, and Link — by that alone, we can conclude that blogging is not just about writing words. Some people like to post funny pictures, some like to be motivated by quotes, while the rest just want to share useful and/or interesting websites they found while surfing the net. All of the above is OK, if you’re blog is for personal use — if you’re blogging professionally though, experts advice bloggers to write quality content. Content that is useful, unique, and engaging. Since we can’t always write post that fulfills those three qualities, at the very least we should try to be engaging. If you’re writing a post about a ‘rock’ (not Dwayne Johnson), at least do it an elegant manner. (Who knows when I run out of ideas, maybe I’ll try to write a post about a ‘rock’.)

There is it, three things I learned from my two weeks of blogging. What about you? What things have you learned from  your (insert blogging duration here) of blogging?


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