The Power of Words

I don’t usually edit my post after it has been published. But last night, after I clicked the publish button on my post ‘Three Things I Learned From Two Weeks of Blogging‘; the wording of one of my points somewhat bothered me.

Point number #2, which used to be: ‘I have bad grammar.’ After my insight, I changed it into: ‘I wrote using bad grammar.’ Although they almost have the same meaning, there is a big difference between those two. Can you tell the difference between those two?

If you like reading self-improvement books, especially those that discuss the importance of the ‘power of words’ and the ‘self-image’. You might be able to tell the difference. Anyways, here’s the difference…

The first sentence, which says, ‘I have bad grammar.’ points to my self-image (or identity). While there is a little truth to it in the moment, I’m expending effort to improve my grammar by learning more about the subject.

If I continue to do so; In about a year, while I can’t claim that I’ll be having perfect or outstanding grammar, I can at least promise myself to be decent in that area. Decent, which means ‘bad’ isn’t a word that can be used to describe it anymore.

Using the words, ‘I wrote using bad grammar.’ The focus is then shifted to my behavior, not identity. Behavior are things we do, either efficiently or sloppily, it can change from time to time, depending on our moods, energy levels, current knowledge, etc.

You may ask; what’s the point of a little change of words when you’re in an effort to improve it anyway?

Maybe I’m acting just a little exaggerated, although small, I leave nothing to chance. If every time I see the words, ‘I have bad grammar.’ It may affect me unknowingly cause it somewhat serves as a little written affirmation.

I believe affirmations (or self-talk) can affect our habits, attitude, state, and beliefs. But there’s a catch, you must repeat it often enough and you must actually believe what you are saying.

Of course it has to be grounded in reality. For example, if I say: “I am seven feet tall!” Even though I repeat it to myself a hundred (or thousand) times a day, and for the rest of my life, would you think it would become true?

Same goes with the words, ‘I am a millionaire.’ Assuming you’re not already a millionaire, those statements alone won’t make you as rich as a millionaire.

Even if affirmations can’t currently alter physical characteristics or suddenly material wealth — I still believe that they can produce miraculous (yet explainable) results.

For instance, if instead of saying, ‘I am seven feet tall.’ to myself daily, I used the affirmation, ‘I am healthy and strong!’ and recited it daily, within three sessions of ten repetition each, don’t you think it will at least have some effect? All you have to do is invest at least three minutes daily (3 sessions of a minute of affirmations).

In the case of our million dollar affirmation above. What if we said, ‘I’m good at handling my finances.’ again done in three daily sessions of a minute each, and with conviction of course. I have no doubt that it will have an effect (even a little) on our mentality sooner or later, that if those little changes are compounded over time, we might actually become millionaires.

Still skeptical? Try this little experiment. First, say the words, ‘I am weak.’ ten times in a row as if you really believe it. Done? Do you feel weaker than before?

Now for the fun part. Say the words, ‘I am strong!’ ten times in a row and really BELIEVE IT.Are you finished? Do you feel a lot stronger? Remember the point is to recite it with conviction, if you’re just going through the motions, they won’t have much effect.

Affirmations (self-talk) is one of the most common self-improvement tools available. Even if you don’t believe it (yet), at least you can give it a try. What’s three minutes a day? Of course you don’t have to recite your affirmations in public (unless you wanted some attention), you can even recite it in a private place or you can recite it silently (works for me). Have you though of your ideal affirmation yet?


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