Two Downsides of Comparing Yourself to Others

Are there times in your life when you compared yourself to another person — as a result you were happy because you are better than that person — you’re either wealthier, taller, prettier, etc.

Then there are the times when we felt dissatisfied with ourselves — simply because another person was wealthier, taller, prettier than us.

That’s simply how life is. They said we should be satisfied by what we have, you may or not agree, that’s fine. I want to point out how being superior and inferior to others can become a downside:


  1. When we are inferior to others.We can feel dissatisfaction with ourselves. Sometimes we can even feel jealous towards another person. They say feeling jealous is bad, but it just happens. Remember though that it’s not what we initially feel that matters, what we do about how we felt is what’s more important.

    What can we do? We get better — even if we don’t surpass that other person (or maybe we would), we could have then transmuted a negative (jealously, low self-esteem, etc.) into
    a positive (improvement of oneself).

    For example, if you’re overweight (like I used to be) and saw a well-built man while walking down the street. Have you felt uncomfortable? Admit it — I used to. What should we then? We improve ourselves by eating healthy and exercising. It might be simplistic to you, but I’ll argue that’s the best way to react to that stimulus.

    Who knows, maybe next time you’ll be the one that other people admire (or unfortunately for some, be jealous of).

  2. When we are superior to others.You may wonder why I even try to point this out as a downside. How can something that makes you happy become a downside?

    Again it depends. It can only be a downside when we feel complacent in our current state that we stop growing. For example, if you are wealthier than your other neighbors, you may look yourself as the king or queen of your neighborhood, and because of that, stop finding and implementing ways to become even more wealthier.

    What should we do in that situation? We set our own standards. They say we are the average of the top five people we hang-out with. If that is the case, I’m not going to suggest you dump your friends (unless they are bad ones). What you should do is look for inspiration elsewhere (you’re fortunate we have the internet).

    For instance if you’re an aspiring writer and you’re showered with praises from your relatives and friends, try comparing your works with the ones written by best-selling authors and you’ll be humbled (which brings at back to point #1).

You’ll notice that points #1 and #2 are related. Remember: Even though we may deem ourselves superior to others in a particular area, there is always someone better than us, whether that person lived in the past or is yet to be born in the future.

So relax…. Do your best… And most of all…

Enjoy Life!


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