Three Things Weight Training Taught Me About Life

I have been going to the gym for almost four years now. I tried cardio, stretching, and weight training.

If you’re gonna ask me on what among the three I found most beneficial to me, I would definitely answer weight training (what the hardcore dudes call bodybuilding).

The reason that I choose weight training over the three is because if done properly it can improve your cardiovascular health also, and contrary to what some people say, it won’t make you inflexible.

Aside from reaping its health and fitness benefits, it also taught me important lessons which I can apply in life like:

  1. Having a plan, even a simple one, is important. 

    In having a plan, I mean both short-term (e.g., What exercises will I do this workout?) or long-term (e.g., On what days of the week will I train?)Every January (New Year’s resolution month) and summer, I see a lot of new people in my gym. Others are lucky because they can pay for a personal trainer, while the rest are divided into two groups.

    Those who have a plan follows a workout routine, and those that don’t have a plan who simply jumps from machine to machine with no specific number of sets or reps in mind.

    Between those two groups, who do you think will make sustained progress? You’re right — those that have a plan.

    Same goes with other areas in life, have you ever heard of a building that was built by having a bunch of people do whatever they want? Nope, they made a plan beforehand, which is the blueprint for the building.

  2. Being persistent pays off. 

    If you want to build your fitness level over time, you got to be persistent, or else you’ll just revert back to your former self once you stopped exercising for a while.What I observed is that most self-help authors emphasize the quality of being persistent as one of the most important things a person could develop.

    If we are not persistent we would not reach the finish line (goals). Some even say that, “Success has no time limit.” While I believe that you can reach your goals if you just keep at it over time, there are singularities (an event that happens only once in a lifetime) that must be seized during the moment it is presented to us.

    And yet who knows, a better opportunity might be presented to us in the future if we just continually strive to achieve our goals.

  3. There are no quick fixes if you want effective results.
    In the desire to achieve results quickly, some people try things that have not been even proved to work, or sometimes even dangerous to their health. An interesting list of fad products/gimmicks can be found in Scooby’s Site.I learned that to get results in any area on life you got to work for it. Whether the work will be hard or easy (it will be when you’re using an effective strategy), it will be work nonetheless.

    As they say: “If something is too good to be true. It probably is.”

There you have it, the lessons I learned from my almost four years of weight training. While they may seem simplistic to you, or you have heard them a thousand times before, they are truths that most people agree upon.

There are times in life when we want something to be different than it really is, so we tend to ignore logic or even our own intuition. That’s the reason that we need to constantly remind ourselves of the truth, even if it is a hard pill to swallow.

The beauty of being realistic is that we won’t be wasting our time, when we focus on the strategies that really works.


2 thoughts on “Three Things Weight Training Taught Me About Life

  1. Great post. The correlation’s between weight training and life in general are phenomenal. I too have experienced this through my journey and can appreciate your perspectives.

    Great Post Keep it Up!

    • Thanks for the comment Philip! I checked-out your site, I liked how you put emphasis on ‘Taking Responsibility’ for oneself. Keep up the good work!

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