Useful Tips to Make Your Workout Shorter


Image from Flickr by Louish Pixel

You love working out because you know it’s good for you — whether your motivation is to be healthier, have more energy, or simply to look good with or without clothes — working out in the gym can make your life a lot better.

If you’re like me, you’ll spend an hour or so in the gym most of the time. There are days, though, when we have less time to spare — during those times you may tempted to just skip your workout session.

I have good news for you… By applying some, if not all, of the following tips, you can make your workouts shorter.

  1. Reduce your resting time between sets.This is what most people would naturally do when short on time. A possible drawback is that you won’t be able to do more reps on your succeeding sets. Don’t let that stop you from making your rest time shorter though.

    Remember: Your muscles will grow and become stronger when it is stressed — your body doesn’t actually count how many sets/reps you have done. As long as you challenged your muscles while performing an exercise, then it will grow.

  2. Make use of supersets.
    A superset means that you perform two exercises one after the other, only resting after the second exercise is done.Example 1:
    [3 sets]
    Dumbbell Bench Press [10 reps]
    Two-arm Dumbell Rows [10 reps]
    [Rest for 1 minute]

    Example 2:
    [2 sets]
    Leg Press [10 reps]
    Leg Curls [10 reps]
    [Rest for 30 seconds]

    You can pair any exercise in a superset, however, unless you’re focusing on pre-exhausting a certain body part, you would like to avoid pairing exercises that targets the same body part (e.g., dumbbell curls and barbell curls).

    Since applying supersets allow you work on a body part while the other one rests, you can make the rest period shorter or just totally skip it after you’ve done both exercises in your superset. It can be challenging, but I assure you it really saves time.

  3. Perform fewer exercises and/or sets.
    Fewer exercises means less time in the gym. This one really needs no explanation, but some people might get worried that they are somewhat compromising the results that they can get by doing fewer exercises.As in most things in life, there is always a workaround — you make the most of the exercises you’re doing by making them more intense. How? You might ask. By performing an exercise more slowly, thus, making them more intense.

    More slowly? But by doing that, aren’t we making our workouts longer in the process? Yes… But since you’re performing less exercises (and probably less sets), the amount of time used will still be less compared to when you perform more exercises in a given workout.

Those are some of the ways in which you can save time in your workouts in the gym. Regardless of the methods that you might use, remember that even a short workout is a lot better than no workout at all. (I remember workouts where I’ve done 9 sets only, it’s still get the job done.)

It’s your turn… Can you think of some more ways to make your workouts shorter?


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