The Village Venus Effect


Image from Flickr by Wenchmagnet

Imagine you are living in a remote village — without being exposed to the world outside. You have no access to cellphones, television, or the internet.

In your village, there’s this girl — let’s call her Katarina; she is the daughter of the village chief.

Katarina is a beautiful girl — in fact the most beautiful girl in the village. Since you haven’t seen any other girl prettier than her, you assume that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

Are you right? Yes … until the day comes that you have to venture in the outside world, and during your journey you saw girls who are far more beautiful than Katarina.

I first encountered the Village Venus Effect on Edward de Bono’s book “De Bono’s Thinking Course.Simply stated, if you’re living in small village, the prettiest girl in that village, is essentially, the prettiest girl in the world — in your own perception.

How can knowing about this phenomenon add value to our lives?

There are times when thought we have seen it all — when in fact we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. Also, you might be able to recall a time when you made a choice and told yourself that you made the best decision — only to be surprised later on that there are other better options.

The point is not to be paralyzed by continually looking for better alternatives. Sometimes we have to trust our intuition and take action whether we are ready or not — then by being aware of the feedback that is given to us, we can adjust our next actions to take advantage of the situation.

So, the next time you think you have seen it all, or exhausted all the available options — think that outside your village, there are girls far prettier than Katarina.

If you’re wondering where I got the name Katarina, she is one of the champions from the online game ‘League of Legends.’ It is fair to say that if you’re a girl, you can instead remind yourself of the ‘The Village Hunk Effect’ — and there is this guy named Garen.


One thought on “The Village Venus Effect

  1. From THE ANDY WARHOL DIARIES: “Brooke Shields was there looking so glamorous. She’s the most beautiful living breathing doll I’ve ever seen. And I always thought Cornelia [Guest, socialite] was beautiful, but when she stood next to Brooke she looked like an ugly duckling, everything was wrong, and she was saying things sort of to Brooke under her breath like, ‘`Get away!’ She didn’t want to stand near her—she KNEW.”

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