One Weird Thing I Notice In Some Blogs…

I have only been blogging for a while, but have been reading blogs since — I can’t recall anymore.

There is one thing that I have noticed in some blogs — which is….


3 thoughts on “One Weird Thing I Notice In Some Blogs…

  1. Some comments are actually longer than the actual blog post. Aside from that, some of them actually provide information, which is sometimes more valuable than the blog post itself.

    They say that a blog post is a conversation between a blogger and his/her readers — you can think of it as some sort of mini forum or chat room. If something is not clear to you, then you can ask the blogger for further clarification.

    It’s common practice for knowledgeable bloggers to leave comments on other blogs which belongs to the same niche as their blogs. It’s like a mini advertisement — if you can call it that way — and it’s free (unless paid commenting is invented).

    A word of warning… Just like in a blog be careful on what you comment on. Be sensible and respect others, after all we are on a public place — the internet.

    Some blogs (like mine) have few or no comments at all. If you’re blogger like me — don’t despair. Having comments are not the only reason we blog, save for a few likes or shares maybe — but that’s another story.

    Thank you reader for reading by blog — comment post I mean.

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