Not Just a Quote #2

Be wary when people use ‘we’ in place of ‘I’ — for misery loves company.

—Whitebeltblogger (or you can substitute anonymous if you like)

Maybe you can recall times when other people said to you, things like, “We don’t know what to do,” unless you are someone who is not easily persuaded by the words of others — you may find yourself actually agreeing with their sentiment. Inside your head, you may hear the inner voice, “I don’t know what to do,” when in fact, you knew what to do before.

It’s in our nature as humans to find others in a group that will agree or be with us. Having the ability to persuade others to follow us, was necessary for our survival in ancient times — even to this today.

There are times other people use ‘we’, when in fact, ‘I’ is more appropriate. Like for example, “We are helpless.” Think for yourself, “Is that really true?” I mean, it is obvious that person feels helpless, but is it the case for you as well? Most probably not.

What we could do in situations like these is to offer our help or support to that person, without allowing ourselves to be drawn to their drama. But a word of warning . . . there are some people who are chronic whiners and complainers. In those instances we should just distance ourselves from them, there is a slight possibility that once other people stop listening to their rants and complaints, they will stop doing those unproductive habits.

On the contrary, there are times when you accomplish something worthwhile yourself, then people will claim it is a group effort. If you’re in a team, and they have in fact put in some effort, no matter how small . . . then just let it pass. But, if they do not take part in the activity . . . just smile — you know deep inside yourself, who have accomplished what. Same thing happens when people say: “We won! We won!” when their favorite team wins. That’s another story though.


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