The Difference Between Getting Fit and Saving Money in the Bank

Image from Flickr by Lummmy

If you like reading blogs and watching videos about fitness, you probably read or heard some fitness experts claiming that getting fit is like saving money in the bank.

Which is true . . . to a certain extent. How? Allow me to explain.

Using the bank analogy, they claim that going to the gym is like depositing money in the bank. The more you exercise, the fitter you get; likewise, the more you deposit money in the bank, the larger your savings get.

That analogy is somewhat accurate—until we take into account one aspect of fitness that is different from how a bank operates. What’s that difference?

Consistency. The only way to stay fit is to continually exercise a given amount of times every week. In my opinion, the bare minimum is once a week, although I find it unnatural.

That is, if you stop exercising regularly, you’re fitness level will decline. If you’re lifting weights for example, and it took more than a week before your next session; most of the time, you’ll find that your strength level went down—even if only slightly.

Compare that to a bank, wherein, even if you don’t deposit money for months, or even years, the amount of money you have there will still grow because of the interest.

To conclude, the key to staying fit is to exercise regularly. Don’t be complacent once you achieved your fitness goals. Even if you only plan to maintain your current fitness level—remember that to stay fit you got to deposit regularly in your special fitness bank.


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