Wait a Minute… Let’s Slow Down

I was writing a post for my blog a while ago, when suddenly, I decided to stop… Why?

I realized I needed to think more about the topic and possibly do some research about it.

“That’s it?” you may ask.

You see, I’ve been blogging for a month now and I’m quite satisfied with the results. All my posts, though, are written in one sitting. If I needed to find or verify some facts, I do it in that time span; from the time I wrote the title, up to the moment I click the publish button.

“I see nothing wrong there?” the main hero said (Okay, I’m just kidding, I just don’t want to type ‘you may ask.’ again.)

Yep, there’s nothing wrong with it. In the future, I’m still going to write and publish posts using the ‘done in just one sitting’ approach. But… If I could make my blog post better… If I take more time thinking about it and/or by doing some more research, then, I’m going to consider delaying publishing it.

I’ve been reading on advice/tips by bloggers and writers on the internet. One advice I hear repeatedly is to spend some time before publishing your article/post. In that way, you can see where to make changes once you look at your article again when you’re fresh.

Since I’ve been rambling for a while now. I’m going to be considerate and write a summary—and I’m even to make it bold so the reader can easily see it.

Instead of writing and publishing your blog post all in one sitting, take some time before publishing it; in that way, you can make further improvements—which results on a better blog post.

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