Why I Don’t Watch Television Anymore

Image from Flickr by Philippe Teuwen
Want to know the answer?

It’s because of the internet. Question answered… You can now go to next blog on your reading list, or maybe you’re excited to watch that youtube video your friend shared with you on facebook.

But, just in case you’re interested why I chose the internet over television, read on:

  1. Nobody owns the internet.

    The internet is a free place, you can say whatever you want, there will be no groups who will censor you, just because you said something that does not agree with their values. But, if you want to be respected, then, respect other people too.

    Television, aside from having censors, is controlled by the television stations. And, sometimes there are even groups who influence what can be shown, and not shown on television.

    A famous motivational speaker once said:

    If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

    –Jim Rohn

    Having a choice on what on the material we watch, read, or listen to is very important; even though most people don’t realize it yet.

  2. You control the material that you consume.

    This is important. What you watch on television is controlled by the stations. Let’s say, you like watching a show about finance, but it’s only shown on certain days and time-slots on a given station. If you’re bored, then you have no choice, but to choose from the shows, which are currently being shown on the different stations. Even if you have a cable connection with lots of stations, there are times, though, when all the shows are uninteresting to you.

    On the internet, you have the power because there are lots and lots of websites that can give you the information that you want. If you still want to watch something, then, youtube’s search box is your friend. You get to pick what is shown to you.

  3. Everybody is on equal footing on the net.

    On the internet they say, anybody can be a celebrity, as long as he or she gives something that people want; whether it’s information, entertainment, or sometimes even if it’s just selfies (self-portrait pics).

    Television stations though, most of the time, promote their talents only. Sure, they may interview your typical citizen in the news or in some talk shows — but those are the exceptions.You see, these actors and actresses are investments that belong to the station they belong to. Not that I have something against them, if they are good, then I might even watch them (in youtube). But as they say, showbiz is a business as well. So people who might be more talented are not given a chance, simply because they are not that popular.

  4. Online ads are not that intrusive.

    I remembered a time when I used to watch a top rated show, there was something that I didn’t really like — the commercials (or advertisements) took more air time than the actual show itself! This might not be true in all stations, and in all countries — the point is — things like that really happen.

    There are some people that even watch their favorite shows online; just because, the advertisements have been stripped off in those venues. Don’t get me wrong, some advertisements, like ones coming from the department of health in your country can be useful too. But since people are getting tired of television advertisements, maybe they should advertise on the internet instead.

    I know.I know. The internet has advertisements too, but the thing is — they are not that intrusive. For example, if you’re reading a blog, you may have noticed that there ads in the sidelines or even under the topic header; they may catch your attention for a while, but if the ad isn’t relevant to you, you’ll just ignore it, and read on.

    And, even though most online video sites have video ads shown before your desired video is played, the short ad (which mostly can be skipped) takes far less time than televsion ads.

  5. In able to sell, television shows target the lowest common denominator.

    “Lowest Common Denominator? Is this a lesson on fractions?” Nope. Wikitionary defines the lowest common denominator as: “The most simple or base shared interest or characteristic among a group or collection of people etc.” In other words, it has to appeal to the masses to sell.

    “Masses eh… So you’re looking down on them! That’s why you don’t want to be identified in the same group as them! You… elitist blogger!” Hey… Hey… Calm down, whoever you are… To answer your question, no and yes. No, I don’t look down on them — and yes, to tell you the truth I don’t want to be identified as one with the masses — I want to stand out, I don’t want to be just a voice in the crowd. It’s my life! It’s now or never! Oops! It’s starting to sound like a Bon Jovi song.

    “You Hypocrite! How can you not look down upon the masses, if you don’t want to be identified as one of them!?” Relax pal… Allow me to explain. It’s a fact of life that all of us (people) are not equal — in attributes. There are rich people — there are poor people. There are intelligent people — there people who are not so smart. And so on. Is that fair? Maybe, maybe not — whether something is fair or not depends on one’s values. But… I believe that the poor can get rich (it’s happening all the time), if he/she really wants it that much. Also, any person can develop his intellect if he wants to. To tell you the truth, I was once naive — I believe anything that authority figures say. Then one day, I suddenly have the desire to become smarter — I’m going to watch documentaries, and read books, blogs, even writings on a wall (No, I’m not a caveman). I’m not implying that I think I’m so smart — that my IQ score is greater than yours — no, far from that. Remember: Just having the desire to become something you are not, gives you the right to become the new person who you want to be.

Q & A:

But, do you still watch some television? Common, even if it’s once every 1-2 month(s)?
Yes I do, but very rarely. Save for some Spongebob Squarepants (don’t ask), though, I could watch some episodes in youtube as well.

What!? Then, why didn’t you make the title… “Why I Very Rarely Watch Television Nowadays”
I don’t think that would make a very good title. I caught your attention, didn’t I? Harhar.

There you have it. Those are the five most important reasons why I don’t watch television anymore. I can probably think of more and if you’re like me you have your own reasons also. If you’re a person who watches television though — I’m not persuading you to cease watching it. What I written above are my views, to each to his own. Oh man! This is such a long post. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Watch Television Anymore

  1. Eminently sensible outlook, and I especially liked the Jim Rohn quote.

    I’d only add one quite selfish reason for not watching TV. I am no longer interested and feel I need to worry about all the wrongs and evils in the world. I came to dislike being “entertained” so I watched mostly only news. Then it dawned on me a lot of “news” consisted only of a series of bad things happening to other people (and by inference “schadenfreude”, or at least relief it didn’t happen to me)

    The world has an unlimited number of bad things happening. I have enough to fill my own life dealing with the real things around me, my family and a few friends.

    For example, I wish the people of Ukraine good luck in sorting out their own lives, I really do, but it’s their problem, they must own it. It sounds selfish but it is not the most important thing on my agenda.

    When I read some activist wanting to raise my awareness of some issue, I retort it’s my awareness, I like it the level it is. By what right do think they are entitled to raise it? Go fish. If there is any issues I want to be come better informed on, I’ll do it to myself.


  2. Yeah. The world has definitely its share of problems/issues but for us average citizens those things are outside of our control. That said, it would be wise for us to focus on things we have control like our health, finances, and relationships with other people.

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