Do You Write Comments? Then You Are Also A Writer

Like I mentioned in a previous post, blog comments can provide valuable information as well — information that is sometimes more valuable than the actual blog post itself.

Earlier, I wrote a comment for another blog, it’s still being approved though. As I was writing the comment, I noticed that it’s starting to look like something that I would blog about. I even bothered to check my spelling and grammar, just like in my blog posts.

There are people who don’t currently have a blog, but writes comments for the blogs they follow. If you are one of those people, then, I salute you, for you are already a writer.

In my definition, a writer is anyone, who writes his thoughts on paper, the screen, or even a wall (but be sure to check with your
authorities, for they might consider that as vandalism).

So, what are you waiting for? Write comments. It doesn’t need to be on my blog. In fact, you can also write comments in sites like Facebook and Youtube. Like in a blog post, be sure to check your comment before you hit the submit button; because unlike in a blog post you won’t be able to edit your precious words (unless the blog owner allows you so). Happy Comment Writing!


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