Something Bloggers (or Commenters) Must Watch Out For

Earlier I was checking my email, then I saw that one of the blogs I was subscribed to has a new post. I followed the link then read the post — which I find informative.

So, I decided to write a comment (in fact I was the first commenter). My comment got approved quickly. Then, I noticed something was wrong in my comment…

I wrote a wrong name (another blogger’s) when I tried to address that blogger… What I did then, and I guess what anyone who is civil would as well, was to apologize for my mistake; I also included in my second comment that since I can’t edit my comment, if it’s possible that the blogger edit my comment to replace the mistaken name with his.

I was surprised that he implemented my suggestion quickly — without my second comment being published (as it should). I was grateful also that he replied with thanks to my first (edited) comment.

Moral of the Story:
Unlike in a blog, where we bloggers can edit our post later on — should we find any errors or typos — if we are commenting on another blog though, be wary of any factual errors or typos. Because you won’t be able to edit them anymore, unless you ask the blog admin to, like in my case.


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