7 Reasons Why You Should Start Now (or As Soon As Possible)?

Image from Flickr by JakeandLindsay Sherbert

Most people agree that the hardest part when doing something new (like losing weight, writing an article, etc.) is actually getting started. Why the resistance? There are reasons — like fear of failure, perceived difficulty of the task, being unfamiliar ground, and so on.

But regardless of the reasons we have, reasons we may not even realize consciously, once we force ourselves to what we set out to do in the first place, we may find that reality is a lot different from what we have expected.

So, why should you start now (or ASAP)? Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. There may be a lot of things to learn.

    If you want to become skillful in a craft (like writing), you definitely need to learn a lot of things. Sure, you might do with the bare minimum knowledge to get started, but who wants to stay a beginner forever?
  2. You can learn better by doing.

    You may have read 10 books on fitness, but without actually doing the exercises you’ve learned, you won’t be able to know them by heart. Just knowing the facts is a lot different from having a working knowledge of a given skill.
  3. You’ll make mistakes and will learn from them.

    Some people because of their experience in school have unconsciously associated making mistakes with failure. In reality, even the successful people we know have made mistakes as well — and they have learned from those mistakes; so when they tried again (and again) they already knew what to avoid and what to go for, and in the end, succeeded.
  4. There are things that require time.

    There are some movies that may trick us into believing that expertise can be achieved in a short amount of time. But in reality, we all know that to be good at something, we need to spend a lot of time honing our skills through study and practice.

    Sure talented people might need less practice than average skilled individuals to reach the same skill level, but in the end, persistence pays off and the tortoise beats the hare (unless the hare becomes serious and decides to give his best effort).

  5. If you like it: you’ll wish you have started earlier.

    Have you been doing a thing you love (reading for example) and you wished you have started earlier? I wish I could have, but I have to overcome false beliefs like it is difficult or not fun at all — only to prove those beliefs are unfounded when I started. The bottom line is: I wished I could have started earlier.
  6. If you don’t like it: you’ll wish you have known earlier.

    Do you always wanted to do something — and finally did it — but only after a lot of hesitation. For example, you thought skateboarding was cool since other kids are doing it. You have been thinking about it for a year already — before you finally tried it.

    You quickly learned the basics, but found out that you don’t enjoy it that much even though other people are passionate about it. You may have said to yourself, “I wish I could have known earlier.”

  7. You’ll be a lot happier.

    Before I started blogging, I was reading about it years before; I even have the luck of obtaining a book about blogging in a bargain bookstore last year. Even though I enjoy learning something new when I read about it, I didn’t become really happy until the day I wrote my first post. Also, I wish I started blogging earlier.

Those are some of the reasons I can think of on why we need to start doing what we want to do — now. Maybe not now, but as soon as possible because I don’t want you to start running outside your house (if you wanted to start running) while you’re in front of the computer reading my post and have just eaten a whole bag of potato chips (or maybe it’s a salad if you’re a health buff), if that’s the case, please wait for an hour or so, until your stomach has fully digested your food.

It’s time for some reflection… Do you have some things that you are longing to do — but have not started doing yet? Do you think it would be cool to get started now (or ASAP)?


2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Start Now (or As Soon As Possible)?

  1. This is one of those things. When is the best time to plant a tree…..

    I get paralyzed by reading so many blogs and in the end it is much better to just take action. It is paralysis by analysis thing.

    There is so much content on internet that it it is very hard to stop procrastinating and actually do something useful.

  2. Thanks for your insight James.

    I read a lot of blogs as well, I’m always searching for the next cool thing.

    What I do though is to set a time for blogging. That’s the time when I don’t check other blogs, aside from fact checking and linking to those pages and so.

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