Why You Should Read Blogs With Bad Grammar

If you’re a member of the League of Elite Grammarians, then the title of this post alone may make you raise your eyebrows. Hold on for a few minutes (or just a minute if you’re a fast reader).

In this post, I’m going to give some valid reasons why you — yes you — should read blogs with bad grammar:

  • A wise blogger once said ‘what you have to say’ is a lot more important than ‘how you say it.’ Not convinced? Allow me to give an example. Suppose you’re visiting a zoo, when someone shouted: “The lions has escaped!” You get the message — and immediately run for safety. You don’t criticize the person by saying: “Your grammar is wrong. It should be: The lions have escaped!” Of course you won’t. You might even thank that person afterwards, that is, once the lions have been captured and caged again. Even though this example is about the spoken word, you get the point.
  • Let’s be considerate shall we; since the internet is a global village, English is not everyone’s first language, so they might not be proficient at it (yet) when compared to a native speaker.
  • Some people with bad grammar are intelligent too and have something valuable to say — if you just give them the chance.
  • If you’re trying to be good at grammar, then reading a blog with bad grammar will give you some practice — on identifying what’s wrong and should be avoided, when you’re the one doing the writing.
  • On the lighter side. Some sentences constructed with bad grammar can make you laugh, such as: “I liked you to be my friend.” Does he mean that simply liking another person’s Facebook comment, gives the liker permission to be the friend of the person whose comment he liked. Well, that probably confused you more than made you laugh. Just remember, though, to laugh on what is written and not at the person; who knows they may improve in the future, and become a member of the League of Elite Grammarians as well.

There it goes. If you still insist on not reading blogs with bad grammar, then I have good news for you; I have written another post titled: Why You Should’nt Read Blogs With Bad Grammar (by the way, the grammatical error on the title is intentional).


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