Ideas: Twin Posts

If you have been reading my blog, you may have noticed something peculiar about my last four, or should I say two, that is — two twin posts.

Those posts I’m referring to are titled:

  1. 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Blog Every Day” and “5 Reasons Why You Should Blog Every Day
  2. Why You Should Read Blogs With Bad Grammar” and “Why You Should’nt Read Blogs With Bad Grammar

As you can see they have similar titles, but the other one contradicts or negates it’s twin.

Some might say that I’m just wasting my time by trying to contradict what I’ve written, and in the process making points presented by the other twin weaker. I admit that might be a consequence.

But that is not my goal in writing twin posts, though. I’m trying to demonstrate that we can hold opposing beliefs at the same time.

A belief, though, is something that resides in our heads. For it to materialize it must be backed up by words that might lead to action (or you can take immediately action if you’re more spontaneous).

That said, whether you blog every day or not; or whether you may want to read blogs with bad grammar or not, is entirely your choice.

By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each option, though, you can make better decisions by being more informed.

The twin posts idea is not only applicable to blogging. You can apply dual thinking in other areas of your life as well — like whether to buy that new dress or not; or whether you should attend that party you’re invited to or just stay at home to relax.

So, what are you waiting for… Can you think of reasons why you should write twin posts or do dual thinking? If so, after that, think of reasons why you shouldn’t.

Always remember that a coin has two sides. Most if not all things in life can be likened to a coin.


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