3 Useful Tips I Learned from 2 Months of Blogging

I’ve been blogging for two months already. Along the way, I picked-up some useful tips, either by reading other blogs or books, or simply by observation.

Here are 3 things I learned that I want to share:

  1. Short paragraphs are easier to read.

    I learned this from Jeff Goin’s site. He advises to keep paragraphs lines as short as 2-3 lines, and no more than 4 lines.

    Even though, I sometimes exceed his recommended maximum of 4 lines, my paragraphs now are definitely a lot shorter, compared to the time before I became a blogger.

    That said, I would also like to point out that line length is affected by the width of paragraphs in a web-page. If your paragraphs are wider (e.g., it’s occupies the full browser window), naturally the lines will be shorter.

    Most blogs I know, though, has an effective paragraph length around half the size of the screen.

  2. Summaries of posts can be helpful.

    I accept that sometimes readers might not read my whole post at all. In that case, I provide a summary, so they can get the core of my message, even though they haven’t read my post entirely.

    For instance, my post on Subvocalizing’s Hidden Benefit, is 240+ words long (minus the summary). I then wrote a summary of that post, which is only 16 words long (including the word “summary”).

    Subvocalizing slows down our reading rate, but it can be useful when editing written work.

    I don’t always write a summary, though, such as when a post is too short or it makes use of bulleted list.

    Nevertheless, I think it’s a great service to the readers of my posts. Regardless of whether they read my whole post or not.

  3. Quotes allow you to communicate your message effectively.

    For me, quotes are mini-posts that pack a punch. You can get to your point quickly, and they are a lot easier to remember.

    For instance, I could have written a post explaining why writers should strive to be better at their craft. Instead, I wrote this quote:

    One of your goals as a writer is to become so good — that people will buy a product just to read a technical manual written by you.

    –Whitebeltblogger (or you can substitute anonymous if you like)

    Like a summary, I bet most people will remember that quote better compared to a 500+ words post.

    But, that does not mean that we bloggers/writers should only write short posts or quotes. Long posts(like this one), have value too, and sometimes you really need a long post to communicate your ideas.

    Also, if you can’t think of a quote, it’s all right to use other people’s quote; just be sure to mention their names before or after the quote, though.

    Lastly, a quote does need to be in its own post — you can also place it inside your regular posts, too, for added effect.

Actually, I learned a lot more than that in my 2 months of blogging (e.g., grammar, punctuation, choice of words, etc.). Though, I think other bloggers would find the 3 tips above most useful.

If you’re a blogger like me, I’m sure you also learned a lot of useful stuff along the way. For me, blogging is a learning process, or you might also call it a journey, if you may.

Write short paragraphs — easier to read. Write summaries — help your readers.

Make use of quotes — they are effective.

–Whitebeltblogger (or you can substitute anonymous if you like)


4 thoughts on “3 Useful Tips I Learned from 2 Months of Blogging

  1. I have started a blog a few days ago about Japanese Digital Painting (Otaku Art – If I would specify) and was at loss of what to do for my first post. Your article really clears some of my preconceptions. Thanks!

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