The Website from Another World

Imagine for a moment that you’re a person who wants to create a new website—not just any website, a remarkable one.

You’ve seen the remarkable sites that people enjoy using: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and of course Google.

You’ve been inspired by all those successful sites that you said to yourself: “If only I can create a site like Facebook . . .  I’ll become rich . . .  and popular, too.”

But on the back of your mind, there’s that inner critic again, saying things like: “Dream on . . .  all of the websites that ought to be popular . . .  had already been invented.”

You don’t like what the inner critic said. But at the same time, you may be thinking that he or she may be right: All the popular websites have already been invented.

After that stream of thoughts, you felt sleepy and decided to take a nap—a long nap.

And during your slumber, you begin to have a dream. . . .

You’re in front of your computer, staring at a web browser. But you’ve noticed something different. . . .

Your bookmarks on the popular sites are all gone. In their place, are names of sites you haven’t visited in your entire life. Names like “artistmana,” “katkatlist,” and “alteraverse.”

You’ve decided to go to “alteraverse,” and when you did… you’ve been blown away. The site’s design is simple, but it provides a service that still doesn’t exist in your home world.

You were delighted by that experience, and decided to visit the other two sites as well; the experience you had was the same with “alteraverse.” Those three sites are simply too cool for words to describe.

After that wonderful experience, you woke up. Feeling inspired, you’ve decided to make plans for your own site that resembles “alteraverse.”

To make the long story short. You’ve created your website, and people liked it because it was all new to them, it’s simply the first-of-its-kind in this world.

Your website became so popular that it had been ranked with Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Of course . . .  you became rich and popular, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to create your own “alteraverse”?

Those kinds of websites will become a reality—in the future.

They all started from a dream, from an idea.


4 thoughts on “The Website from Another World

  1. Aside from sleep, having moments of solitude and deep relaxation, helps a lot, too. That’s why creative people sometimes get their ideas on the shower.

  2. Having a literal dream that sparks a practical idea happens quite often to me…too bad I forget most of them as soon as I wake up. If only there were a way to take note the dream.

    • I see.

      First, you can try telling yourself before you sleep that you will “remember your dreams.” It’s the power of self-suggestion at work.

      Second, if you wake-up after dreaming, you can try writing down the details of your dreams via pen and paper, or using a cellphone (or tablet).

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