Just Do It

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.

—Richard Bach

As I wrote fewer posts every week in my blog, I’ve noticed some changes in myself.

My whining — I mean observations

First, I was no longer thinking myself as a writer. Sure, I still write every day in the form of emails, blog comments, text messages, etc., but writing a blog post feels a lot different.

Second, although my life conditions was the same now as when I was writing every day, I feel less happy. In my own reflection, the closest reason that I came up is that writing itself is an act of creation, and we humans feel happy when we create something.

That said, when the act of creation is halted, it feels like some of our powers have been taken away from us. In this case, though, I’m the one who voluntarily gave that power away.

And lastly, writing words are more difficult (but not as hard as before I started writing/blogging). Now, I understand the popular advice on writers that one must write every day. Writing, like any skill needs to be practiced so that the writer will stay sharp.

The solution

The solution is easy. Like the title of the posts says, “I’ll just do it.” Meaning I’ll try to write every day again… being interrupted by….

Do or do not… there is no try.

—Yoda (the green Jedi master from Stars Wars)

OK… I’ll stop trying — I will do it.

I’m feeling pumped again….

I’m a writer. I feel happy. And, oh boy I’ve written a blog post again. You’re awesome reader.


2 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. I LOVE the Richard Bach quote. Seriously, Love it. My heart might burst its so effing beautiful.

    It implies that any unrealistically unattainable goal is within anyone’s reach if they really commit to it. What’s to stop me from being the next Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy or J.K. Rowling? Why, me of course! If I don’t go in for the kill, I’ll never attain what I want. Nor will anybody. Just be tenacious. Give yourself permission to be your ideal self by dagnabbit, just BE it.

    Thank you very much for sharing your source of inspiration. Write on!

    • You’re welcome Spencer. I’m happy you found my post valuable. We all have dreams. The important thing is that we constantly remind ourselves of those dreams.

      Sure life gets in our way from time to time, but if we just keep the fire alive, even if it had shrunk to the size of candlelight, eventually it will grow again to the size of bonfire. Keeping the dream alive. You’re right; write on!

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