Really! That’s News? Thanks Internet

It’s a lot easier to find news now, but I’m not referring to ease of access of sites like CNN, BBC, or New York Times.

As I was in the gym earlier, I saw a news clip from a local television channel that highlights a choir of elderly people singing modern songs.

I agree they are quite remarkable, but, if like me, you’re a child of the internet, you’ll dismiss those kind of stuff as “normal” on the net.

What am I trying to say?

In the past, reporters expend effort to find news. They roam the streets, wait at police stations, or even employ informants. Nowadays, though, all they have to do is to do a random search at Youtube.

I’m not trying to say that reporters should experience hardships to find news, but common, we net surfers can easily find stuff like that. All it takes are some clicks (and typing).

That being said, there are still (a lot) of reporters who are good at what they do. They search for news that is relevant, useful, and sometimes unique.

Even with the aid of modern technology, what they do cannot be matched by your average individual on the net. Those are real reporters.


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