Links You May Find Useful


Unless you just woke up from a long sleep (think of sleeping beauty), and this is the first blog you stumbled upon, you already know how vast the internet is.

There are currently 634+ million websites (and still growing) in existence — which means even if you browse the net using every waking moment in your lifetime, you will only be able to see a very small percentage, around 0.0000000000001%  of websites around (I didn’t calculate that, but maybe some Math Geeks out there can do a better job). Add to that every website has web pages ranging from one up to a million.

Some ways of finding links

With millions and millions of web sites around, how do we know which of these sites to visit? Here are some answers to that:

  • Use search engines.
    This needs no explanation. Just think of Google.
  • As someone for a recommendation.
    This someone maybe your special someone or just someone you met in a chat room. What’s good about this is since at least one person liked the website being recommended you can at least give it a visit, who knows.
  • Links from a similar or related site.
    This can be pretty useful if the site featuring the links looks like a credible one because it will most likely (but not always) link to other high quality sites.
  • Links from a forum.
    Forums are the sites that caters to a niche (i.e., Health, Technology, Entertainment, etc.), which has members who can post a question or some interesting stuff about a topic — then expect answers or replies to his post from the sites other members.

    You can find some rare gems in these sites. Just be aware that just like in a real mine, not every rock that you unearth is gem. Reddit is one of the most popular forum on the internet.

  • Links from social media sites.
    Social media sites are the sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just like in forums the quality of the links you get from these sites can vary.

I should have added a sixth way of finding links —- by viewing a blog post (like this) that list links. These are the sites I found useful personally. Without further ado, here they are:

Blogging Links

Writing Links

Fitness Links

Free Software Links

Personal Development Links

Learning/Studying Links

Fun Links

There they are, you may already know some of the sites I listed above; while some may be totally new to you, in which case I’m glad to have shown you a door to another world. (I like to think of links as such, unless you link to the same site, in which case you just transferred to another room.)

It’s your turn. Do you know of useful links that you can share?