It Was Supposed to Be a Quote

I’m not in the mood to write a post. That’s why I’m writing one of those quotes again — you know, like this one.

Writing a quote gives me psychological satisfaction. In which, I get the feeling that I posted something even though I haven’t written much.

It’s like the bodybuilder who goes to the gym to perform only one exercise. Even if it’s only one exercise, it can still build him some muscle, and he can tell others he went to the gym that day.

To think of it, I would be cool to give my quotes a more professional look. Like the ones you see in Facebook, you know, quotes with a sea or mountain in the background, even if the image has nothing to do with the quote itself.

Then why wouldn’t I write this quote with a background of a melon or something.

Nah. If I’m going to do that, might as well write a full post. There’s a lot of steps in creating something like that. These are the steps:

  1. Find a free picture on the internet (make sure to give credit to the author).
  2. If you would rather use your own pic, that’s fine too.
  3. Open the picture in an image-editing software, like Paint.
  4. Find the text tool in your image-editing software.
  5. Write your quote there (or just paste it).
  6. Save the picture with a quote written on it.
  7. Upload to your blog, then publish.

Wait a minute! I have written 200+ words already. I should have made this a regular post….

Too late… (clicks Publish)

Lesson to be learned

Never underestimate what you can do.