Video: The Strangest Secret


I want to share this video I have watched in the past — and will continue to watch in the future. What is “The Strangest Secret”? Watch (or rather listen) as Earl Nightingale talks about it.  It’s only around 30 minutes. A worthy investment in time indeed for the things Earl Nightingale has to say. If you ask me, this video is worth listening to, even if it’s just to listen to the man’s wonderful voice.

The Secret to Success! Finally Revealed! Really?

I like reading self-help books. In the past three years or so I’ve been doing so I came across different kinds of advice — some are good, some are not, while some are within the realm of common sense.

At first I was naive — I believe everything every author who looks credible has to say. But I kept reading books (and blogs), even those outside self-help — since then I learned to think critically.

Those books I’m most critical are those that have the words ‘Success’ somewhere in their title. Don’t get me wrong, you can still find value in those books. That’s bring us to the question — can self-help books really teach people the secret of success? Larry Winget, one of my favorite authors/speakers talks about it in this short video.