On Intuitiveness

Any skill can be intuitive once you spend enough time developing it. Of course, we become intuitive on easy skills sooner than the difficult ones.

Thoughts on Writing

Image from Flickr by Charles J Danoff

When I started blogging, that’s when I began to like writing. The weird thing is, I have been writing ever since I was in kindergarten — only lately did I develop a passion for this craft. Why is it so?

Is it because literate people around the world, write all the time — making it as common as walking — and breathing. Or, maybe since we were in school, we are told to write something all the time — we may have associated writing with work — or for some displeasure.

There is a wise-man on the internet who said: “Everybody can write, but not everybody can write well.” Although I don’t consider myself an outstanding writer yet, I began to see noticeable improvements when I started blogging. Like I mentioned in my post about skill — writing is also a skill.

Aside from serious bloggers, many people don’t associate blogging with writing — which is like saying you’re not exercising only because you are just walking. Blogging — is writing — unless you only post pictures, videos, and random quotes.

Also, when you tell people that you are a “writer”, many of them assume you’re a person who exclusively writes novels — which is not always true, for there are many kinds of writers. Did you know that translators are considered writers as well?

Where do I go from here? I’m not sure … probably… I would just write. I’ll go on a journey — where every word written is considered a step — which brings me closer to my goals. Good Luck!

A small reflection:
It sure looks like that I like to use dashes ‘-‘. Is it because, I only started to use that noble punctuation when I started blogging. Yes, that’s true.