Thoughts on Writing

Image from Flickr by Charles J Danoff

When I started blogging, that’s when I began to like writing. The weird thing is, I have been writing ever since I was in kindergarten — only lately did I develop a passion for this craft. Why is it so?

Is it because literate people around the world, write all the time — making it as common as walking — and breathing. Or, maybe since we were in school, we are told to write something all the time — we may have associated writing with work — or for some displeasure.

There is a wise-man on the internet who said: “Everybody can write, but not everybody can write well.” Although I don’t consider myself an outstanding writer yet, I began to see noticeable improvements when I started blogging. Like I mentioned in my post about skill — writing is also a skill.

Aside from serious bloggers, many people don’t associate blogging with writing — which is like saying you’re not exercising only because you are just walking. Blogging — is writing — unless you only post pictures, videos, and random quotes.

Also, when you tell people that you are a “writer”, many of them assume you’re a person who exclusively writes novels — which is not always true, for there are many kinds of writers. Did you know that translators are considered writers as well?

Where do I go from here? I’m not sure … probably… I would just write. I’ll go on a journey — where every word written is considered a step — which brings me closer to my goals. Good Luck!

A small reflection:
It sure looks like that I like to use dashes ‘-‘. Is it because, I only started to use that noble punctuation when I started blogging. Yes, that’s true.